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GE 60-873-95 | GE NX488 Simon 3 / Simon XT Wireless ShatterPro Glassbreak Sensor

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GE 60-873-95 | GE NX488 Simon 3 / Simon XT Wireless ShatterPro Glassbreak Sensor

GE Security Part Number: 60-873-95
Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0 based on 5 reviews

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Product Description

The GE 60-873-95 Wireless ShatterPro Series provides excellent false alarm immunity without compromising detection. It is ideal for applications where hardwired acoustic sensors are impractical. The Wireless ShatterPro Series is based on Sentrol's field-proven Pattern Recognition Technology, which listens across the glassbreak frequency spectrum for greater false alarm immunity. This allows the sensor to detect breaking glass through blinds and light, unlined drapes. It features a 20' (6.0 m) range from the sensor to the window. The Wireless ShatterPro Series is suitable for low-activity occupied areas on the perimeter loop.

  • Factory-set sensitivity for safer installation.
  • Attractive, low-profile design.
  • User can test sensor operation with a clap of the hands
  • 20' radius range can protect an entire room with one sensor
  • Recognizes the actual pattern of glass breaking across the full audio band.

Alternate Part #: NX-488, CA-NX488

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Product Reviews
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3/5 stars    Range, Submitted by on 6/12/2013

To the reviewer "Erik Kv" who commented on the range: A 20' radius should cover well over 450 square feet! A=pi*r2 = 3.1416 * 20^2 = 1256.64

5/5 stars    Great, Submitted by on 2/6/2013

Reviewer below doesn't like this product because it doesn't cover his 450 sq ft area. The advertised range is 20', so I don't know why he would expect it to cover 450 sq ft. These sensors aren't mean to cover entire floors, they are meant to cover a standard bedroom, or a few windows in the living room, not an entire first floor. Product is great and works as advertised.

5/5 stars    Works great, and how to test, Submitted by on 8/22/2011

Works great! Also to those wanting to test - try this. Arm the system and then grab a rechargeable drill (think 18v Craftsman drill or similar) and spin it up a few times. Something about the frequency of the drill will trip the alarm. Tried it with my bro-in-law's DeWalt with same effect.

3/5 stars    Dissapointing range, Submitted by on 4/21/2011

Although another reviewer had a different experience, I felt this could not detect through walls or around corners. When you set it up you have two options to test it - the first is by walking around clapping your hands while someone else looks for the machine to blink. The second it to use the special testing device designed for the purpose. Unfortunately I have no idea what the device is or where to get it. I can't speak for how this works in a break in situation (which is what we all want to know). But I can say that I would have needed three of them to cover my first floor only. I have a small house with a fairly open design and these gadgets couldn't even cover the ~450 sq ft needed. I sent it back though and SafeMart was very good about it - I'm hoping to get my refund shortly.

5/5 stars    Another great product!, Submitted by on 4/14/2010

Another great product from GE and SafeMart. Again, very simple to install just like the rest of the system. I am mostly impressed with the range and direction for detection. The sensor can detect glass break behind itself and through a wall.

I will tell you testing this thing was nearly impossible, which bodes well for avoiding falses. I tried slamming things together (pots and pans), clapping my hands loudly, downloading glass break sounds on my computer and nothing would cause it to false.

I finally found a metal garbage can that I have, which I guess comes close enough to mimicking the sound of glass breaking and that finally set it off.

Originally, I programmed this as if it was a motion detector, but after seeing how good it was about nothing having a false alarm, I decided to go back and treat the glass break sensors as if they were a window sensor (always on and on right away).

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