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Simon XT Custom Build-Your-Own Wireless Security System

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Simon XT Custom Build-Your-Own Wireless Security System
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Simon XT Custom Build-Your-Own Wireless Security System
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Simon XT Custom Build-Your-Own Wireless Security System
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Simon XT Custom Build-Your-Own Wireless Security System
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Simon XT Custom Build-Your-Own Wireless Security System

GE Security Part Number: SIMONXT-CUSTOM
Rating: 4.8 out of 5.0 based on 31 reviews

Choose from the following options:

Upgrade to the New Simon XTi Touchscreen System (info)

Include our Plug & Protect® service for easy setup? (info)

Would you like a Cellular Communicator? ~ $100 Rebate Available (info)

Would you like a Touchscreen Keypad?

How many wireless door & window sensors would you like? (info)

How many motion detectors would you like? (info)

Would you like a keychain remote? (info)

How many Smoke Detectors would you like? (info)

Warranty Option: (Info)

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Product Description

Simon XT is a full-featured home security platform that installs in minutes, and delivers years of dependable, secure protection. Its advanced wireless technology eliminates the hassle of running wires to detectors and sensors. This allows for quick and easy installation as well as flexible placement around the house.

Whether your home was built yesterday or a century ago, thanks to Simon XT you can now enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your home and your family is safe and secure.

System Features:

  • Support for 40 Wireless Zones
  • Simple menu-driven settings for timers, latchkey, and pass code options
  • Backup power supply keeps the system operating during power failures
  • Configurable "voice chimes"
  • Simple operation with single button clicks on optional key fob


  • A robust security system that will keep you and your family secure
  • Plug & Protect option makes setup a breeze
  • Optional Cellular monitoring is the most reliable method available
  • Option to monitor and control your home remotely with LiveWatch Interactive Services

What's in the box:

  • Simon XT Security Control System
  • Power Supply and Cord
  • Rechargeable 24 hour backup battery
  • 5-Pack of Double Sided Tape
  • 4 security window stickers
  • Any additional devices you choose

Product Rebate
Accessories for this Product
GE Talking Touch Screen Keypad for Simon XT & XTi
  GE 600-1048-XT Simon XT/XTi Wireless/Cellular Communicator
  GE 60-688-95 | NX-454 Wireless Micro Door Window Sensor
  GE Security 600-1064-95R Micro Keychain Remote
GE Talking Touch Screen Keypad for Simon XT & XTi
Cellular Communicator for your Wireless Alarm System
Wireless Micro Contact
Wireless Keychain Remote
Designline Door/Window Sensor - White
  GE 60-807-95R | NX-481 Simon 3/Simon XT Wireless Pet Immune Infrared Motion Sensor
  GE TX-6010-01-1 | GE NX491NT Simon 3/Simon XT Wireless Crystal Smoke Detector
  GE Security Wireless Garage Door Sensor
Designline Door/Window Sensor - White
Wireless SAW Pet Immune Motion Detector
Wireless Crystal Smoke Detector
GE Security Wireless Garage Door Sensor
GE 60-873-95 | GE NX488 Simon 3 / Simon XT Wireless ShatterPro Glassbreak Sensor
  GE 60-886-95 Wireless Vibration Detector
  LiveWatch IP Video Camera
  LiveWatch IP Hi-Res Video Camera
Wireless Glass Break Detector
GE Security Wireless Vibration Detector
LiveWatch IP Video Camera
LiveWatch IP Hi-Res Video Camera
Indoor Wireless Fixed IP Camera with Night Vision
  LiveWatch Wireless Pan/Tilt IP Video Camera
  LiveWatch Outdoor IP Bullet Camera w Infrared
  GE IS-ZW-AM-1 Z-Wave Plug-In Fluorescent Light and Appliance Module
Indoor Wireless Fixed IP Camera with Night Vision
LiveWatch Wireless Pan/Tilt IP Video Camera
LiveWatch Outdoor IP Bullet Camera w Infrared
GE Z-Wave Plug-In Fluorescent Light and Appliance Module
GE IS-ZW-LM-1 Z-Wave Plug-In Lamp Dimmer Module
  Trane TZEMT400BB32MAA Remote Energy Management Thermostat
  Wireless Z-Wave Siren
GE Z-Wave Plug-In Lamp Dimmer Module
Trane Remote Energy Management Thermostat
Wireless Z-Wave Siren - ZWaveSiren

Other Items to Consider
3M Double Sided Tape - 1 inch Squares
  Optex VX-402R Pet Immunity Wireless Outdoor PIR
  ATW Indoor/Outdoor Low Profile Siren
Double Sided Tape
Wireless Pet Immune Outdoor Motion Detector
ATW Indoor/Outdoor Low Profile Siren

Product Reviews
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5/5 stars    Great System, Submitted by on 5/14/2012

I've had my system for about 8 months now. System was a breeze to physically setup. After the going over what sensors I needed with the sales staff, I received all sensors which were labeled room for error. After I placed all the sensors where they needed to go, the tech appointment went smooth. Only took about 30mins on the phone to test the system and get it up and running. The only problem I ran into was receiving a bad sensor. LiveWatch quickly sent a replacement and paid for all shipping charges.

I haven't had one problem with my system so far. It accurately monitors all sensors, and having the smartphone monitoring is awesome. Rather than give out my alarm code while out of town, I can disarm the system with my phone for people to come let out my dogs etc... After pricing out several other companies, I found LiveWatch's prices to be very competitive. Sure you will see cheaper advertised prices for the most basic system (2 contacts and a motion?) with other companies, but after you start adding up what the other companies charge for additional sensors, it was a no brainer to go with LiveWatch. LiveWatch charges MUCH less per sensor than the other more well known companies out there. Not only was the physical equipment cheaper in the long run, the monitoring is much cheaper and it's the same company many other security companies use.

Definitely recommend having the main unit in your bedroom and adding the additional touchscreen near the entry door. There have been times where I forgot to disarm the alarm and would not have made it to the bedroom in time to disarm the system (at least 20-30 secs lapse by the time I trigger my garage door until the time I enter the house and hear the alarm). Being able to quickly use the touchscreen to disable the system has saved triggering a false alarm at least 5-6 times. If you can get over the whole "DIY" aspect of this, I would highly recommend!

5/5 stars    Updated Review, Submitted by on 4/24/2012

For anyone considering the Interactive Monitoring there is no question of it's worth. Having my system for months now the information is helpful to fully understand the workings of the system. The emails explain what a pending alarm is (when you set it off by accident and disarm quickly) and what the center looks for.

On a different matter, people have asked why I have motion detectors when all doors and most windows are alarmed. In the past I have known people who have security and were still entered, cut glass etc. If they want in they will get in somehow. By arming all doors/windows and motion sensors WITHOUT DELAY you shorten the response time. Disarm by key fob.LiveWatch has no equal that I have found and I looked at them all.

5/5 stars    LiveWatch is the best!, Submitted by on 3/3/2012

Like others, I researched a home alarm system to death. LiveWatch made the entire process easy with great tech support and knowledgable staff. Shipping was very quick. They preset all the alarms and all I had to do was mount the sensors. Tech support helped me customize the system for my needs and desires. Got the auxillary touch pad, 13 window/door sensors, 2 smoke alarms, a water alarm, and 2 motions plus 13 months of monitoring. Would definately work with them again.

5/5 stars    Best Wireless system and LiveWatch is by far the best in what they do!, Submitted by on 1/29/2012

I did a great deal of research on this product before I purchased a wireless system. This one came out on top. LiveWatch had the best price and support on the product. After the system came in, I read the install guide supplied by LiveWatch, and their videos. I took my time, and was done in no time. I am so glad I ordered here because LiveWatch's support and guides are top notch. The system works great.

5/5 stars    Best Company/Best Employees, Submitted by on 1/9/2012

After reading reviews from other online sites I found LiveWatch has the best ones. Now I know why. Ben and Alex (you know who you are) could not have been any more helpful. Any time there were any ?s they had the answers. Real time updates on the orders. Sensors marked for the locations. Help in after sales programing for additional sensors. This is the way American Companies SHOULD be but most are not. It is the employees that make the company and LiveWatch has the BEST. Thank You Ben & Alex

5/5 stars    The only thing better than the Simon XT system is the LiveWatch customer service!, Submitted by on 12/16/2011

I won't beat a dead horse and talk about how easy installation was because if you read almost every review it already states it (there are a few which mention it being difficult, I'm thinking those people must have a hard time finding their way home sometimes). If you can read the label on the box and you can peel plastic off a sticker you can install this system. I installed 2 glass breaks, 16 window sensors & 3 door sensors in about an hour or two.

The system itself is great and is feature rich. I was able to add my Honeywell z-wave thermostats (2 seperate zones) within minutes. I am waiting on my z-wave light switches to arrive so I cant comment on it, but I can only assume it will be as easy as eveything else was so far based on my experiences so far.

Now for the main purpose of deciding to comment which is LiveWatch. You can buy the Simon XT anywhere, every site and their mother is selling it. I chose LiveWatch after doing a lot of research on both the product and the company. What I noticed about LiveWatch that set them apart from the approx 15 other companies I spoke with before purchasing was the patience the person on the line had with me when answering my questions. They were the only ones who didn't seem like they were in a rush to either sell me a product or get me off the phone. When I called LiveWatch to purchase the system, they spent over an hour reviewing my house layout to be sure I had the optimal configuration. The person who I was transferred to who actually processed the order was extremly friendly as well. The tech, Ryan, who called me to do the system tests was very knowledgable and took the time to answer every one of my questions.

Like I said, you can buy this system anywhere, but will you get the same customer service? Maybe, but why risk it?

4/5 stars    Afordable, Simple, and Cool, Submitted by on 11/21/2011

Ethan helped me order the system, answered all my questions, and saved me some money on the total price. David, Brigette, and Anthony from customer support helped me get through any issues I had with the set up and system tests. One sensor out of the box failed, support verified that over the phone, and my replacement. 3 days later sensor installed and working. I can't say enough about the patience these professionals had with me as I can be a grumpy old fart. The monitoring you can do online or from your phone really gives you piece of mind when your not at home. Can't wait to start adding the Z wave devices to further customize my system. I'll try and send more business your way Safe Mart.

5/5 stars    God send for an Alzheimer caregiver, Submitted by on 10/3/2011

This system has worked better than I had ever hoped. Although I only needed it for one feature, it was worth the money and then some. My mother has Alzheimer's and live in seperate quarters from my house. She began hallucinating and going outside in the middle of the night. I have no idea how many times this happened prior to my son coming home late one night and finding her. I ordered this security system and now if she goes out at night the door chime wakes me up so I can go and get her safely back inside. I am now going to order an additional one so I can also monitor her when I am in other rooms since she has now started a new phase where she will just take off during the day. I cannot even begin to tell you what a wonderful product for the price this is. And the costumer service people are so nice & so helpful. Thank you so much!!

5/5 stars    Great System, Great Price, Great Service, Submitted by on 4/27/2011

I am very happy with this system so far, and I am extremely happy with LiveWatch's service. Not only did they have the lowest price, but they did a nice job with supplemental instructions and assistance. They even included a small screwdriver in the box. Nice touch!

I'm really happy with the range of the system. I have a two story house. The panel is upstairs and my basement sensors on the other side of the house had no problems with reception.

The system is not too difficult to install. If you can program a VCR and follow the instructions in the LiveWatch quick start guide, then you should not have any problems doing a self install. All the sensors came with batteries installed and optional mounting screws. Double-sided tape is also provided. I used the tape to secure the sensor. Then I did some testing (opening/closing window/door) to make sure the sensor was tripping properly, then I screwed the sensor into the doors (drill a small pilot hole first so you don't split your wood door frames).

I had a couple of questions about "groups", but a quick search in the LiveWatch forums answered my questions. FYI, group 10 is a delayed perimeter alarm (for your regular entry/exit door) and group 13 is an instant perimeter alarm (for a basement door for example). I originally had *all* my doors on group 10 and was wondering why the alarm took 30 seconds to go off when any door was opened, and I wanted it to go off instantly if the basement door was opened.

I also got the 4-button key fobs. They work great.

My only issue, as others have mentioned (and I knew about before buying), is that the backlight on the unit is very bright. If you have the unit in your bedroom it acts as a decent night light, but if you like total darkness when you sleep, you will have to mount the unit someplace else. It is bright. I really wish they had a dimmer on it.

4/5 stars    Solid System, Submitted by on 4/23/2011

After a lot of research comparing different systems, mainly the Alexor and PowerMax, I chose the Simon XT b/c of it's great reviews, easy install, and of course price.

The physical installation of the components was very simple, especially after watching the video. The video is online, not on a DVD as is implied from the photos. The microsensors for the windows/doors just require double sided tape. I also purchased a glass breaker which was easiest installed with double sided tape as well. Finally, the motion detectors were a bit more difficult, but still went up in less than 20 minutes. Read the manual that comes with them b/c they need to be positioned precisely.

I had the panel pre-programmed, so I didn't have to worry about inputting any of the senors. I highly recommend that anyone purchase this add-on. When combined with the fact that it enables you to get the first month of monitoring free (if that option through LiveWatch is purchased) it only costs $10.00. It probably saved me 2 hours of time.

To make for a nice neat installation, I ran 2-conductor wire (that I had to purchase at an addition cost) from the panel down to my basement where I plugged the transformer into the wall. I also ran 4-conductor phone wire to my telco. box and the cord with the 8-pin connector to the basement so that the RJ31X could be mounted out of sight. Finally, I also purchased an ATW indoor siren and turned off (since I don't want any intruders led to my panel) the siren that's emitted from the control panel. I purchased the suggested installation kit with the siren, but found that it wasn't necessary b/c I had already purchased the 2 conductor wire for the transformer and the resistor could have been found at Radio Shack. In the end, the only thing that is on my wall is the control panel, all of the wires are run through the wall down to my basement. I think the photos of the system are a bit misleading b/c the transformer and RJ31X are never shown coming from the panel. There's a lot to be done in order for that reality to come true that is never mentioned.

I'm not totally impressed with the SAW motion detectors. I have them precisely mounted in the corner of 2 different rooms, however, they will not trigger an alarm if I walk along the wall. Yet, if I am in the middle of the room, even 25ft. away, they will cause an alarm. They are simply used as a back up to the microsensors on the windows and doors, so I'm not too worried, plus no intruder is going to walk in the pattern that I have to to avade it.

Another reason why I took a star away is because of the trouble I had making my DSL Internet work nicely with the alarm system. Customer support was great, ultimately, but I was told several different things like buying uneccessary equipment, to make the two different systems work correctly. Utimately, I had to call AT&T to come out to the house to install a DSL Line Splitter at the telco. box.

5/5 stars    Excellent System, Easy to Install, Submitted by on 1/13/2011

I purchased this system, and absolutely love it. It is easily programmed, the LiveWatch technicians are very knowlegable if you have questions, and it is very easy to add additional devices. Also love reliability of system and Z-Wave functionality. Controls my entire home. Can monitor my entire home via web / smartphone. Could not be more satisfied with the value for the money.

5/5 stars    great product and service, Submitted by on 12/20/2010

got my simon xt two weeks ago. had them program it for an extra 49.00 dollars.well worth it. system came all contacks were ready to put where they simple.peel tape put contacks on. very very happy.

5/5 stars    Very happy with purchase, Submitted by on 8/23/2010

I did a lot of research prior to deciding on an alarm system and had several of the national names come out to my house for estimates. In the end, I decided to go the DIY option with the Simon XT system and LiveWatch and am very happy for both my decisions.

As said in other reviews, LiveWatch has great customer service - the system arrived quickly and they were a big help as I was installing it. The install was pretty simple, I used the system installation guide instead of LiveWatch's DVD since I felt like it was clear enough (other than being somewhat tech inclined, I have never done anything like this). It took me about 6-8 hours to get everything programmed and set up.

I have monitoring through LiveWatch/Livewatch and am very happy with it. We have had one false alarm so far (my wife locked her keys in the house and set the alarm off trying to get in). The monitoring service quickly called me to notify me of the alarm.

The only annoyance I have with the system is that you cannot dim the main LED so it can be pretty bright in a bedroom closet at night. Although, nothing a piece of electrical tape can't fix.

Overall, highly recommended! If you are trying to decide on an alarm, I would say you cannot go wrong with the Simon XT and LiveWatch.

5/5 stars    What a Great Upgrade, Submitted by on 7/17/2010

I had SimonXT Ver 0.0, and updated to the new ver 1.3 and it is fantastic,,, I am also an installer and a serv tech for a large company,, I get probably 10 calls a day with problems with LYNX panels with all kind of problems,, I might get 1 call a week about Simon probs and its usually batt issues,, the simonxt is the future especially adding the talking touch screen pad.... In 3 years owning a XT I have never had a false alarm,, Based on testing at least 1 time a month like everyone should

5/5 stars    GREAT SYSTEM, Submitted by on 4/21/2010

I bought the Simon xt Security system and I am very satisficed with it. It was delivered to my house 5 day after I bougth it (Free shiping). Took me three hours to program 10 sensors, to mount the control box and install all the sensor on doors and windows. I was very easy to do that when watching the installation video since they show everything to be done to program the system ( I save $49.00). The system is working very well and I am please with it. The only thing I think the system need is a kind of light to let you know when the system is armed or dissarmed to avoid unwanted alarm.

5/5 stars    Easy to install and a great system!!, Submitted by on 4/4/2010

First of all... hats off to LiveWatch for amazingly fast processing and free shipping. The system arrived with a 'big' user manual that I would have read if it wasn't for the perfect DVD included for free that walks you through the install step-by-step.

Now for the install itself. I went with keychain remotes, so I decided I would install the control panel in a centrally located linen closet downstairs. This leaves me with enough time for manual operation if needed, but keeps it out of sight and out of mind. The built in siren is plenty loud. You hear it throughout the house (upstairs and down) with the closet door closed. I love the status monitor on the control panel itself that will verbally tell you exactly which window or door is open.

I do pride myself on the DIY, but this is truly a no brainer for anyone. With the system being wireless that just makes it that much easier. The only thing I will point out is that the DVD does not exactly show how to setup the 'micro' window and door sensors. For the micro sensors, to trip them you have to first open it and then wiggle the battery loose just a bit. Figuring that out was probably the hardest part of the install and I think that took about 2 minutes.

The actual most difficult part of my install was creating an outlet in my closet right next to where I wanted the panel. I really have a thing against seeing wires running up the walls.

All in all a terrific system for the money and easy for any DIY'er. It should not take more than 45 minutes (unless you're creating a power outlet like I did).

5/5 stars    GE Simon XT Wireless -- Super System for DIY'ers, Submitted by on 2/16/2010

A couple weeks ago I started looking into home wireless security systems. I am a retired Engineer and a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) guy. I downloaded the User and Installation manuals on many systems, and read them and then called LiveWatch and spoke with Jason in Sales who is VERY knowledgeable technically speaking on these systems.

I bought the GE Simon XT Build-Your-Own system since the overall cost for motion, sensors and system was less money than the kit with a couple D/W sensors, since I knew I needed around 8 door/window crystal sensors (NX650), a four button KeyFOB (NX470), and one pet immune infrared motion detector (60-807-95R).The hardest part of this system is programming the sensors, but Jason helped me right away.

We put all entry/exit doors on Group 10 so we had delays on them, all window sensors on Group 13, motion detector on Group 17, and KeyFOB on Group 01.Ordered system on Tuesday via Fed-X Ground FREE Shipping, and received on Friday - from Kansas to Washington state. Programmed/installed all sensors on Saturday. Installed interior siren (13-950) and AC Power to system, and wall mounted system on Sunday.

Now for changes I have made in programming that I wanted, since this does everything except Wash the Dishes:

  1. Changed MASTER Code to one we wanted.
  2. Set Downloader Enable to OFF, since it is not needed -- Firmware at Rev. 1.2
  3. Changed EXIT Delay - Adjustable from 45-254 Seconds.
  4. Set Interior Siren Timeout to 15 Minutes.
  5. Set Unvacated Premises in Timer Section to OFF which allows Motion Sensor to stay on after Exit Delay expires -- Ideal for sleeping at night. To set for NIGHT Sleeping I press Doors/Windows button TWICE (NO Delay on D/W's), and then Motion Once, and then we are ARMED after exit delay expires.
  6. Set HW1 Function under System Options to 5 (Then internal siren only comes on for alarm trigger) - BOTH the SIREN and PIEZO go off when an alarm occurs, and it's heard all over the house (VERY LOUD @ 85 dba Each). Once the Alarm goes OFF it will drive you crazy and you'll want it shut off right away -- believe me!
  7. Set Motion detector (60-807-95R) to HIGH sensitivity, since we do not have pets inside.
  8. Increase LCD panel contrast to Maximum -- look at LCD panel from top or bottom to see it change - not straight on as you will barely see contrast change.
  9. Set CHIME ON, in so that panel will speak sensor name when in disarmed state. Then set Voice Chime to #1 in Siren Options for Sensor Name. Nice British Female voice will then speak which door or window is opened when your home in disarmed state.
  10. Set Status Beeps Volume to #10 (Highest) since we have large house, and I'm hard of hearing.
SUMMARY -- Buy it from LiveWatch PERIOD, fast shipping, excellent Technical Support, Lower Cost for system. I am totally blown away at what this system does -- it is Phenomenal in capabilities for a few hundred dollars.

Real-life scenario: LiveWatch is EXCELLENT in all aspects, and they know their equipment, and you can actually TALK to someone there on the phone. Am now ordering two more Micro Door Small (0.766 cubic inch) sensors (GE-60-688-95) for Roll-Up Garage Doors in so that they fit behind the side vertical cables on each door. For mounting sensors make sure you get the double sided tape for all the windows to make it easy to install and not have to drill for screw holes. Keep up the Great Job LiveWatch.

5/5 stars    Just Ordered -- LiveWatch Sales Spt. is Excellent, Submitted by on 2/10/2010

Just ordered GE Wireless Simon XT, and waiting on system to be delivered, and then my work starts. Steve and Jason in SaveMart Sales Dept. are VERY Helpful and knowledgeable about this system.

5/5 stars    Great System Great Service, Submitted by on 1/18/2010

I upgraded from the Simon 2 to the Simon XT with no problems at all. The LiveWatch installation video was precise and easy to understand. The installation manual from GE is useable but difficult to follow the system would have been much harder to install if not for the installation video. The system works like a charm and the family has no problems using the system. The LiveWatch technical support team answered all my pre-purchase questions accurately and courteously. The central station monitoring was a breeze to set up LiveWatch did it quickly all over the phone. The LiveWatch folks certainly know what they are doing, and can get you up and running fast. Buy this system from LiveWatch you will be pleased with your experience. It was easy for me and I don?t have any experience installing alarms.

5/5 stars    Great System - Manual Useless, Submitted by on 12/27/2009

This is a great system and easy to install. Be sure to follow along with the video instructions. The instruction book is not helpful except when learning sensors, page 72 gives you shortcut codes. External siren beeps while arming if delay exit is used. Be sure to program HW1 function to option 5. This gives you full protection only when alarm goes off and no external beeping during arming process. Also instructions lead you to believe that resistor is necessary but doesn't mention its included. Spent an hour running around looking for these. When I got home I found them hidden with a bag of screws. Overall I am very satisfied with system.

3/5 stars    Not for the average homeowner, Submitted by on 12/12/2009

The system itself is pretty good. But it's clearly designed for installation by a professional. The instruction manual is NOT homeowner friendly and is clearly written for an experienced professional alarm installer. Not only that, but some of the connections require individual wiring--rather than plug-and-play. (I'm surprised that GE would not have revamped the manual and the unit to be more consumer-friendly.) I'm amazed at the reviewers who say it's easy to install; I'm no slouch when it comes to do-it-yourself projects, and I've built my own computers from scratch. If you're not at least an above average DIY'er, don't expect to install this system yourself without a lot of time and a few phone calls to LiveWatch for help.

5/5 stars    ge simon xt custom, Submitted by on 11/30/2009

Super unit. Great support. Easy installation. Easy programing, Glad I went in this direction.

4/5 stars    Simon XT Challenging, Submitted by on 11/14/2009

Read manuals, watched dvds. LiveWatch DVD helpful but wrong. Wired the external siren to the terminals HW2 and it would not work, followed the manual on pg 25 and it worked.There was another setting on pg 52 HW1 function option #5 which stopped the external alarm from giving warning beeps before it arms itself. Had phone issues which tech helped with. Including the reading,DVD, and installing figure 8 hours.Tech support another 1/2.

Note from LiveWatch: Latest release from GE changed procedure for wiring external sirens. Video being updated.

5/5 stars    Simon XT - Works Well, Submitted by on 10/24/2009

I thought this product was fairly easy to install. It works great but I am going to list some exceptions so people are aware:No X10 even though the manual gives details.When inside, you can't just arm it without beeping.Accessories like wireless keypad and handheld touchpad don't provide fire/police, just two emergency buttons that sets off alarm.

5/5 stars    New Look Simon A Breeze to Install, Submitted by on 10/5/2009

As professional installer the product is a breeze to install. My users love the simplicity.

5/5 stars    Simon XT, Submitted by on 9/5/2009

This system was "cake" to install after I watched the DVD. No complaints yet.Also, motion detectors disarm if you don't trip a door sensor while the alarm is waiting to arm. This is a feature you can modify so the motion sensor stays on even if you don't "leave" the house.

3/5 stars    Pretty good, Submitted by on 7/21/2009

This system seems pretty good for the cost. Easy to install, instruction manual isn't that great, be sure to watch the DVD first and program along. The motion sensor isn't all that reliable and disarms itself. Waiting for tech support to help me with this one. It works when you trip it but when you arm with the control panel the motion disengages itself.

5/5 stars    Excellent System & Support, Submitted by on 4/20/2009

Very easy to install, but set up was a little tricky. The manual does not cover everything and actually leaves some important steps out. That being said...the technical support at LiveWatch is the best I have ever come across. I had to call them twice (for two different issues) and both times they were courteous and helped solved my problems in a snap. This has been one of my best internet purchases on record.

5/5 stars    Simon XT, Submitted by on 2/23/2009

I like the system. Very easy setup and install. I would definitely by this system again. Do yourself a favor, get an RJ31X from somewhere else. Not sure if it was just mine or if there is a batch of bad ones out there, but once I plugged in my system, it would not disconnect. I ended up having to destroy the jack to get my cord out. Otherwise, great sales support and the system seems to do exactly what it was designed for.

5/5 stars    Great System, Great Support, Submitted by on 2/5/2009

Took about one hour to read then set all sensors, 30 mins to place the sensor into posistion. 15 mins to show the family how to use it. Great tech support too.

5/5 stars    Easy Set-Up, Submitted by on 1/21/2009

After learning the sensors to the System, the set-up was a piece of cake, about 1/2 hour. I installed the system in a friends house for his daughter, showed her how to operate it, and within 15 minutes, she was confident in the operation. I plan to buy another system and install it for my sister. Good inexpensive system for piece of mind. Would definitely recommend. Thanks.

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