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Home Security Systems: Beware of Dog!

The picture at left is from a floor mosaic excavated from the ancient ruins of Pompeii. On the bottom, worn by the long years, you can still see the warning: Cave Canem, which is Latin for “beware of dog.” I’m showing you this picture for two reasons. Number one: its pretty interesting that even 2,000 years ago people were taking elaborate measures such as this to deter would-be burglars and intruders. Number two: It shows that deterrents work. We still see modern versions of this warning today. If they didn’t work, this type of idea would’ve been left in ancient history just like the ruins of Pompeii. Today, however, home security requires something more than a sign warning about your ferocious dog.

The best deterrents today are home security systems. Not that a home security system doesn’t have benefits apart from acting as a deterrent, because it obviously does. The ability to alert police and fire to a potential emergency, thus protecting you and your loved ones is the most convincing reason to own a system. Still, like other home and personal security measures, you’d rather that you never had to use them. A monitored home security system makes that hope more likely. Studies have shown that homes without a security system are three times more likely to be broken into. A window or yard sign coupled with actual home security measures will make you far less likely to be a victim. That alone is worth the relatively little time and money of purchasing and installing a home security system.