Freeze Alarms

According to the farmer’s almanac, and confirmed by anyone who has stepped outside in the past month (except those of you who live in San Diego), its going to be a bitterly cold winter.  You’re thinking: “Thanks, genius.  We already know that.”  Ok, good.  What you may not know is the importance of a freeze alarm.  Burst pipes can cause tons of damage.  If you haven’t experienced this first hand, trust me, you don’t want to.  So, how can you avoid this?  A freeze alarm.  Freeze alarms will notify you if the temperature dips below a certain degree, letting you assess and fix the problem before it is too late.  A freeze sensor can cost less than $40 and can save you hundreds, if not thousands in the long run.  They are easy to install and program to your existing home security system.  There’s no reason you shouldn’t be prepared, even if you can’t control the weather.

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