Internet Safety

This won’t be a long post. I just wanted to draw your attention to a featured video on Honeywell’s Security Channel concerning Internet Safety It is a short, good video; and any parent with a child using the Internet should watch it.

Too many times parents back off of their job to protect their children in order “give them space” or “let them be themselves.” And when this comes to Internet use by children, we can only ask “At what cost?” To answer that question, simply turn on the news. Now, you wouldn’t let your child go walking around the back-alleys of a crime ridden city neighborhood? So why let them put themselves at as much risk through the Internet.

Now I know that we usually cover home security topics, but I saw this video and I think its important. After all, whats the point in barring the door and setting up an alarm system against burglars and other intruders if you simply give them access through the Internet.

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