Automatic Garage Door Closer

A high percentage of burglaries and home invasions occur by way of an open garage door. It simply makes sense. You’re in a rush, you leave quickly and forget to close the garage door. Maybe you think one of the kids will do it. Still, whatever the reasons, (and we can all imagine reasons why the door would be left open) an open garage door is still incredibly attractive to a potential thief/intruder. Ok, so what do you do?

You can make a concerted effort to close your garage door each time you leave your home. Ok, that’s good, except you’re already doing that at some level and the garage door is still being left open. So, what do you do? I think your best option, the one most likely to protect your home and family, is to purchase an automatic garage door closer.

The Garage Butler attaches to your existing garage door system. After you open the garage door, it is set to automatically shut the garage door after an interval of your choosing. And whats great is that it works with your existing safety features on your garage door controls. So, if your system currently has a safety feature if the door meets resistance, that remains with the garage butler. Additionally, it will give an audible warning signal once the predetermined time has been reached for the door to close.

The Garage Butler is an excellent choice if you’re in the market for an automatic garage door closer. And at less than $50, its a steal you won’t want to miss.

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