ADT Buys Brinks

What??? Did I just read that right? ADT bought Brinks? Well, yes, practically speaking. ADT is owned by Tyco. Tyco recently purchased Broadview, which is Brinks’ new name. Additionally, according their website, Tyco owns seven companies that make security equipment. Are you noticing a trend?

Tyco was already dominant in the home security market through ADT. Brinks is number of two of the “big guys,” so we’re not looking at much competition anymore. Ok, great…why do I care?

I care because I don’t think the “big guys'” model is a good one. Giving you a “free” system or charging you little down may seem good on the face of it. After all, who wants to invest all that money upfront? Well, if you read the fine print and count out the monthly payments, you’ll soon realize you’re paying for your system…over and over.

I suppose maybe there’s an upshot to all of this. Since ADT, via Tyco, just swallowed its own competition, homeowners may look elsewhere to see what options are available to them. In that case, they may begin to realize that the “great security deal” they got wasn’t so great after all. And thats a good thing…if you like saving money, that is!

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