Security System Saves Lives

It seems like forever since I’ve written a post.  I was out of the office from Friday through Monday, and yesterday was playing catch-up.  So, its been almost a week.  Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend and are well rested for returning to normal life again (whatever that may be).  Today, I want to get back into the swing of things by briefly commenting on a news article dealing with fire safety.  The topic is an old one, but the lessons to be derived from it are invaluable, particularly in this case.

The article, appearing on, details the story of Roy and Ruby Workman.  They were a middle-aged couple married for over 20 years.  Both of the Workmans are in poor health, a factor that almost seriously worked against them.

Early in the morning on Tuesday, Sept. 7, a fire broke out in their Milton, WV home.  The couple didn’t wake up because of the smell of smoke, nor the heat of the fire.  They didn’t hear the popping and cracking of the flames.  In fact, they didn’t notice anything.  As Ruby admitted, its unlikely either of them would’ve awakened in time to be safe, were it not for a relatively small investment they made.

You see, Roy and Ruby were the owners of a monitored home security system.  The fire alarm started sounding, but its unclear if that woke them up.  What is clear is that the central station’s phone call finally jarred them into action.  Their house is completely lost, along with many of their valuables; but Roy and Ruby are safe, and they still have each other.

Its a lesson worth reflection.  Don’t think anyone will every try to rob you?  You may be right; though I’d rather be safe than sorry.  Even the safest neighborhoods have fallen prey to home intruders.  Don’t think you’ll have a flood or freeze you need to know about?  Those options are pretty inexpensive, and hey, I’d still rather be safe than sorry.  But no one in their right mind can predict whether or not they’ll fall victim to a house fire.  Every day we use a number of things that could easily become the source of a home fire.  We’re surrounded by that possibility.

Be prepared.  Purchase a home security system, complete with fire protection and central station monitoring.  Its an investment worth making.


2 thoughts on “Security System Saves Lives

  1. Sam

    Concerned Citizen,

    Thank you for taking the time to comment.

    There obviously is a marketing aspect. We have a business and we do hope to sell our products. But, that's not the real question here. We didn't invent the fact that thousands of home fires happen every year. And we didn't invent the fact that, in the case of the Workmans, a security system did save their lives. The article was written by a regular news media outlet. And we wouldn't be doing our job if we didn't bring these facts to a larger public.

    We are committed to security systems. We think its important for homeowners to be aware of the options available to them, and of why they need a home security system; and I would avoid any security company that didn't think the same way.



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