Technology Helping Police Find Intruder

We live in a digital age.  Technologies unimaginable 50 years ago are now part of our daily lives.  Homes, businesses, entire industries, even nations, rely on these technologies to function in a normal manner.  We are the most technologically advanced people the planet has ever seen; and we are fully dependent on that same technology.

Still, despite all of these changes, one thing remains the same: We rarely ever fully appreciate the little intricacies of these technologies.  We don’t know entirely how they work.  People purchase the newest camera in order to post pictures on Flickr or other websites, without realizing the inherent dangers of geotagging.  They sign-up for Facebook without really understanding the privacy policy.  All too often, this lack of knowledge can lead to danger for a homeowner.  But every now and then, it works out in their favor.

Take today’s example.  The East Hampton News  reported that police have a fresh lead in the case of a home invasion and burglary that occurred in late July of this year.  They have ascertained and distributed an image of a man taken using one of the laptops stolen in the robbery.  That is a huge break for police in cracking this case.

But, just how did they get the information?  The suspected robber opened up a social networking account which was still logged in from the previous user.  He then accidentally took a picture of himself using the laptop’s built-in webcam.  Hopefully this not-so-bright thief will be caught in the near future and the victims can have some peace of mind (and their stuff) returned to them.

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