MySafeHome.Net: A Great Home Safety Resource

Trying to get back into the grind on Monday morning is always a bit of a pain.  You’re ready for the new week, but your mind lags just a bit behind.  So, scouring through the pages of new junk produced by some members of the home security industry is never exciting.  But, every now and then, you run across a small gem that really is valuable for homeowners; thankfully, today was one of those days.

I forgot that this past Saturday was Safety Saturday, co-sponsored by Lowe’s and the Home Safety Council, or else I would’ve posted it.  But, what I did find, in doing some research on it, was a Home Safety Council website called

It’s an almost-interactive layout of a house.  You can click on any number of rooms from the kitchen to the garage, and everything in between.  When you do, you’re taken to an image of that room filled with a number of question marks.  Each question mark warns you about potential safety hazards in that area and gives you tips to help make your home even safer.

Some of these are pretty simplistic.  For example, in the kitchen it tells you to wipe up spills right away.  That may be helpful if you are a total slob who would normally not mind having a glass of orange juice spilled all over the floor.  But, it also offers tips that you may not think of, like having the right pool alarm or cover for your family’s pool.

So, who is this resource really for?  I’d say it’s helpful for everyone, but would be most useful for families with small children.  Having small children, I know that too many times something is overlooked in the question of safety.  Until there is a problem, the danger is simply never recognized.  Thanks to the Home Security Council’s new website, that won’t be the case.  Stop by and check it out.  You won’t be disappointed.

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