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A History of Home Security Systems from GE Security

A review of the past three GE Security home security systems:

As home security systems have advanced toward more affordable plans and systems, improved monitoring and better technology, the equipment offered by major distributors is also increasingly useful and up-to-date. For security system equipment manufacturer GE Security, its main security system has evolved over the years from the wireless Simon 3 to the Simon XT. Now, GE has also released the Simon XTi, with even more advanced features and ease of use.

The Simon 3 security system is a wireless system with a panel of specific buttons labeled and arranged for convenience. It has a microphone for two-way voice: in case of emergency, you can speak directly with the central station. The Simon 3 will notify you by pager or phone in the case of a home intrusion. With the control panel, you can manage lights and locks, enter security codes and contact emergency personnel. The system contains a 24-hour back up battery for power outages and 24 available zones for protection. The Simon 3 supports up to six programmable access codes and up to eight light or appliance controls.

However, GE built upon the existing Simon 3 model and created a better, more encompassing system. The Simon XT allows for 40 zones for wireless transmitters, a significant increase from the previous 24 zones. The XT features a different display of buttons, with full numbers and both a microphone and speaker for two-way voice application. Another significant addition is the new LCD screen on the Simon XT, which displays a blue backlit screen and the status of your home security system.

The Simon XT also has more programmable user passcodes and phone numbers, and it allows for home automation through Z-Wave enabled devices. It also keeps the latchkey feature of the Simon 3, which alerts parents when children don’t arrive at home and put in the passcode. However, the Simon XT is not X10 compatible like the Simon 3.

The newest, most advanced edition to the GE security system series is the Simon XTi, a self-contained combination of the Simon XT and the GE Two-Way Talking Touch Screen. The Two-Way Talking Touch Screen is compatible with the Simon XT, but the most recent system features both in the larger color LCD touch screen. All buttons are now found on the touch screen, which also shows temperature, weather, open doors and windows, lights and unsecured locks.

The Simon XTi keeps the two-way voice, Z-Wave controls and back up power of the Simon XT. However, the newest system lets you view and keep pictures from the wireless Image Sensor right on the screen. The LCD color screen gives the suer many more features and a smoother operating experience. The combination of the Two-Way Talking Touchscreen and all the features of the Simon XT make the Simon XTi an even easier and more convenient control system.