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Home Automation Turns your House into a Smart Home

Light control, thermostat control, remote door locks and other home automation features do more than prevent burglary. Home control helps you save energy and money while giving you peace of mind. A smart home can include:

advanced camera security on smartphones
  • Seamless integration across Z-wave smart home devices
  • Lighting control and thermostat control save energy when you're not home
  • Automated systems for lights, locks and thermostats based on activity or timing
  • Lock doors and control your smart home from mobile applications

A smart home system gives you more control over home technology. LiveWatch's customizable systems all come with guaranteed, 24/7 customer service to help you protect what's priceless

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Home Automation Supports Busy Lifestyles

Home control gives you peace of mind, whether you're running to work or the grocery store. LiveWatch's user friendly devices sync together for your convenience and security.

security camera view
  • Home automation systems come ready to install so you don't need to wait for an in-home appointment
  • Unlock doors remotely to let others into your home without a key
  • Advanced home technology includes event-triggered schedules so that when you unlock a door, lights turn on and the temperature rises
  • Your iPhone, Android or computer can control air conditioning, lights, locks and more

Converting your house into a smart home has never been easier with technology matching your on-the-go life. LiveWatch's award-winning customer service is always available to help with your house automation questions.

Automation Systems Allow Smarter Energy Management

Smart homes help not only your schedule, but also your energy bill. Home automation includes thermostat control and light control to lower energy use while adapting to your lifestyle, with the ability to:

lights control on iphone
  • Dim lights or turn them on or off remotely or based on a preprogrammed schedule
  • Turn on lights to give the appearance of human presence when you're away from home
  • Adjust the home's temperature according to your day-to-day schedule or use preprogrammed timers
android thermostat control

Lighting controls and other energy management tools are better for the environment and your wallet. These reliable systems give you more flexibility and peace of mind, no matter if you're sitting on your couch or in your office.

Home Automation and Control from Anywhere in the World

The only tool you need to access your home automation system is the Internet. LiveWatch offers a full range of applications for any smartphone or tablet for complete control over your home, no matter your location. With just the touch of a button, at any time of day you can:

camera security on smartphone
  • Send commands to close the garage door to save energy
  • Use live streaming video to make sure your lights, locks, doors and windows are off and closed
  • Search event history to see what's happening in your home
  • Monitor and adjust energy consumption
text message garage open door

Remote use extends beyond smartphones. Receive real-time email and text message alerts to ensure your home's security and give you peace of mind wherever you are.

LiveWatch alarm monitoring is so convenient and is much more than security-it's a valuable tool that gives you total control of your home.

Automation Products Complement Your Home

Whether you're looking for added home security, more convenience or energy savings, LiveWatch has a variety of products to fit your needs. From temperature to lighting to security controls, these and other devices can give you a peace of mind:

Advanced ZWave Thermostat

Temperature control saves energy when you're not home, and the backlit display allows easy viewing at night. You can program the temperature to rise before you arrive home.

Home Automation Door Locks

Door locks for both indoor and outdoor entrances secure your important home entryways. You can remotely check when the door is opened and receive email and text alerts.

ZWave Lighting Control

Light control gives homeowners the convenience and flexibility to turn lights on and off remotely, saving energy and money. You can also program lights to turn on when you're not home, giving the appearance of human presence to potential burglars.

Home automation products save you time, energy and stress, allowing you to focus on what's important. All of LiveWatch's products come with award-winning customer service, and professional security consultants can advise you on a unique solution to your home's needs.

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